Microsoft desktop RPA solution features PAFnow Process Mining software

Process Analytics Factory has announced a partnership with Microsoft to incorporates PAFnow Process Mining software with Microsoft‘s Power Automate, a new desktop-based robotic process automation (RPA) solution. PAFnow is claimed to be the only process mining tool that is fully integrated with Microsoft Power BI and is a certified software application on Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

PAF also announced that it will introduce a PAFnow PREMIUM app for RPA/Automation in October. When paired with RPA projects, PAFnow Process Mining software can create efficiencies that help businesses of all sizes and industries maximize the return on their RPA investment.

Recent reports show that RPA adoption is accelerating due to the coronavirus pandemic, with one study projecting RPA will experience a 33.6 percent annual growth rate from 2020 to 2027. But despite its many benefits, approximately 30 percent of RPA projects fail because the automation tools and/or processes are not well understood.

“Before automating, organizations need to analyze operational data to identify which business processes are best suited for improvement,” said PAF Executive Vice President of North America Operations Jason Wickman. “Process discovery through interviews, workshops and value stream mapping can be time consuming and costly.”

Wickman added that RPA works best when applied to increasing the efficiency of repetitive processes. “It can’t fix a broken process or ‘learn’ how to react to unexpected events,” he said. “Process Mining tools like PAFnow analyze how processes actually transpire, how they deviate from the ideal model, which problems occur and which optimization measures should be taken.”

PAFnow makes data-intensive work simpler by converting data into insights and actions. With one click, PAFnow visualizes millions of rows of data into one easy-to-understand process map. It empowers every business user to find actionable insights in minutes and drive corrective actions with confidence. When used in combination with business analytics tools, Process Mining eliminates siloes within the enterprise while providing visibility across platforms, applications and even departments.

“The cost of identifying, analyzing and documenting processes can account for well over half of the total effort of automation projects,” Wickman said. “PAFnow gives businesses the transparency and clarity they need to identify those processes which best lend themselves to automation and can ultimately reduce RPA costs.”

The combination of Power Automate Desktop and PAFnow Process Mining extends the automation capabilities and makes it possible to automate any desktop or web-based application.

“PAFnow is a valuable asset to any optimization strategy,” said Wickman. “It can help unlock the potential of automation and make sure your organization is getting the most out of its RPA measures.”

For a limited time, businesses can try PAFnow PREMIUM with their own data using their existing Microsoft Power BI Reporting infrastructure. A demonstration video of PAFnow in Microsoft Power BI is also available.

The PAF will also offer a webinar on Thursday, Oct. 22, 2020 to introduce the new PREMIUM app for RPA/Automation. More information will be shared on the PAFnow website in the coming weeks.