AI-Driven Automation Solution to Accelerate Digital Transformation

Royal Cyber, an IT consulting and digital transformation company with clients in the US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand, has launched a new robotic process automation solution that leverages the power of AI/ML.

The solution will give users the ability to process claims in record time, enhance employee productivity, improve customer experience, and drive competitive growth.

The RPA solution will automate the document verification, underwriting and risk management, due diligence, fraud detection, vehicle accident claim, and warranty claims process.

The solution combines the intelligence of AI/ML with the power of Robotic Process Automation to help achieve 14 times faster claims processing capacity than humans, eliminate manual interference in query resolution, and build near-touchless contact centres.

It will give customer helpdesks the flexibility to focus on requests requiring human intervention.

Integrating effortlessly with the enterprises’ existing IT, the solution will offer the following early benefits:

  • Improves First Notice of Loss (FNOL) and claim assignment processes
  • Reduces claims cycle times
  • Provides fast and efficient customer service
  • Provides visibility and transparency in the claim process
  • Provides performance metrics
  • Ensures easy claim data capture

This solution can help proactively and efficiently address customer queries through personalized responses. It will also help carry out rapid and accurate damage assessments and expedite the claims payment process while reducing the time required to handle expenses per claim by half for insurers compared to traditional processing.

The financial services industry can use the solution in the dispute payment, loan-payment collection, fraud claims discovery, lost financed/liability assets, and mortgage claims process. Our solution can revolutionize the claim settlement processes of the financial companies.

The solution can also be used in the healthcare industry (visit for details) to perform document validation, carry out patient coverage verification, help patients in their billing cycles, accurately process claims, and quickly identify cases where manual intervention is required. It helps in going from claim submission to payment status within a day.

“This solution is part of our initiative to digitally transform our clients and provide them with simple, fast, and automated processes that will help them deliver remarkable experiences to their customers. We will continue to launch industry-relevant intelligent automation solutions as we understand the challenges and opportunities that digital technologies can provide. The use of RPA and AI/ML for our global clients will help us serve customers quickly and efficiently," said Mustafa Pesh, CEO, Royal Cyber.

“Royal Cyber is partnering with leading robotic process automation providers to accelerate digital transformation. We are leveraging our knowledge gained from projects and harnessing the power of robotic automation to streamline mundane tasks intelligently,” said Bonnie and Asif, SMEs Royal Cyber RPA.

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