Winscribe updates clinical documentation management software

The latest version 8.4 of Winscribe Text provides a central platform for managing clinical documentation, and it works with EHRs and other Health Information Systems (HIS) to enable fast, thorough and accurate medical reporting, while reducing data entry time and duplication.

The new version expands on the solution’s advanced document creation and management platform and offers new features to help clinicians meet the challenges that have been placed on them by regulations, complex EHR workflows and increased documentation demands. The new features position Winscribe to successfully meet the needs of hospitals, clinics, NHS trusts and medical transcription service companies (MTSOs).

“Across the globe, the healthcare market is under ever increasing pressure to perform. Financial strain, information governance, patient safety and timeliness, to name but a few of these pressures. Winscribe’s clinical software excels in our latest release, making it easier for clinical staff, IT staff and operational staff to provide for a better patient outcome through a fully digital correspondence experience,” states Greg Allen, CEO at Winscribe. “The latest version of Winscribe Text is designed to provide them with a comprehensive, innovative and reliable solution to meet those needs.”

A series of new key features and solutions are available in Winscribe Text v8.4 amongst which include:

  • Enhanced Document Manager: The Document Manager dashboard and document list provides the system administrator and transcription (or document editor) managers with an overview of all documents in the Winscribe Text system. This new release empowers administrators with faster and easier management of their organization’s documents, as well as the ability to easily evaluate workloads and turnaround times. It brings transparency and guidance to the documentation workload throughout the organization.
  • Patient History Pathway: This patient history pathway has been extended in the latest release, giving clinicians greater visibility into a patient’s historical documents and faster access to critical patient information.
  • New Supervisee Role: The ability to delegate and structure the document creation, review and signature process has been improved, thanks to a new role that allows a more granular relationship between senior and junior roles – levels of authorization and delegation processes within Winscribe Text.
  • Client Engagement: A new “Support and Feedback” option has been added, enabling clients to submit feedback and report any problems while logged into Winscribe Text.