Search and Redact feature added to pdfDocs

The release of Docscorp’s pdfDocs 4.5 U2 has introduced a new way to find and remove confidential information from documents: Pattern Search. Now, instead of poring over documents with a fine-tooth comb, all kinds of potentially sensitive information can be redacted in just a few clicks.

Pattern search is offered in both redaction and regular document search workflows. You can use it to find a single word, phrase or pattern. Choose from a range of common patterns including phone numbers, credit card numbers and/or Tax File Numbers, email addresses, and dates.

Pattern Search options are region-specific, so US users will search for Social Security Numbers while those in the UK will see National Insurance Numbers in the drop-down menu.

Even though some patterns will depend on the user's regional settings, it won't restrict them to only searching for that exact pattern. This means that even if a user in London has their Pattern Search set to NI, a search will look for Tax File Numbers, Social Security Numbers, and any other regional equivalents they select.

Administrators can create default settings for local machines and push them out to all the users on the network. This set-and-forget method means users won't have to select which regional patterns are included in search results each time they use Pattern Search.

Once a search has found all instances of the word, phrase, or pattern selected you have the option to redact all instances or to pick and choose. Redaction in pdfDocs is failsafe and any text or patterns that are redacted will not be able to be recovered by the document recipient.

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