Ephesoft Releases Analytics and Business Intelligence Platform, Insight 3.1

Ephesoft, the developer of document capture and analytics solutions that extract meaning from unstructured content, has announced the release of the latest version of its content analytics platform, Ephesoft Insight 3.1.

The new version focuses on features that highlight and prevent fraudulent activities, build a comprehensive view of data relationships, and empower users with tools and customisation options.

“Insight 3.1 represents the most innovative technology on the market for businesses and government entities to dive deep into trends, patterns and data relationships in order to avoid risks and uncover opportunities from their documents.

“Using supervised machine learning, natural language processing and artificial intelligence technology, the platform opens up content as a source of better decisions while exposing potential threats,” explained Ike Kavas, CTO at Ephesoft.

“The product improvements can have a dramatic impact on business-critical initiatives such as Commercial KYC programs, international trade finance management and GDPR compliance.” (Know your customer (KYC) is the process of a business identifying and verifying the identity of its clients)

Government agencies, financial services, mortgage and insurance companies are industries that have large volumes of unstructured content and are prime candidates to reap the advantages and competitive advantage using the technology. Specifically, features such as Anomalies and Outlier Detection can alert users of fraudulent activity.

Through machine learning algorithms and AI, the system can easily learn what a fraudulent insurance claim or credit card application looks like, along with the ability to search multiple data sets, knowledge bases and relationships. For example, Insight sifts and crawls through multiple sources to uncover information that is not in the typical threshold, shows risky behaviour or criminal activities.

Insight illustrates visual relationships – including mindmaps, heat maps, graphs, charts and links – in a way that is relevant to the user and their organisation.  Users can easily access, customize and drilldown into data without the need of a technical administrator or programmer.