DocuVieware HTML5 Viewer and Document Management Kit v3

ORPALIS has released a new major version of its HTML5 Viewer and Document Management Kit, DocuVieware.

"Thanks to a strong expertise in document imaging and image processing, ORPALIS offers a great tool to build rich Web applications. This component is suitable for any industry, and provides interactive features to ease collaborative processes online," says Loïc Carrère, CEO, and owner of ORPALIS and DocuVieware creator.

DocuVieware customers include Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, small and medium businesses, and non-profit.

Any organisation that needs to develop client interactive application to manage their documents online can benefit from the toolkit.

DocuVieware is powered by GdPicture.NET Document Imaging SDK .

The latest enhancements in the new major version of GdPicture.NET (GdPicture.NET v14) improve DocuVieware v3 performance, memory footprint, and user experience.

What's new in DocuVieware v3?

The rendering quality of images has been greatly improved at certain zoom levels.

PDF rendering time has been dramatically sped up, and data transfer speed between server and client is now faster.

Format support improvements include:
- Microsoft Office OpenXML document export to vector PDF
- faster loading speed of RAW images
- support for more than 80 new cameras formats
- RTF format support

Two new independent properties (CanEdit and CanDelete) can enable or disable the corresponding action buttons. This allows a finer handling of access rights.

TWAIN acquisition

The DocuVieware TWAIN Web Connector 2.0 now supports TWAIN acquisition over HTTPS. The security chain is preserved in SSL secured environments. The security aspect is transparent to both user and developer because it is automatically managed during the installation process.

DocuVieware 3.0 allows programming a default configuration thanks to the new corresponding JavaScript client API methods. Besides acquisition settings, the device driver dialog can appear or not. It is now possible to silently scan documents and make the acquisition process easier for end users.

DocuVieware 3 provides a new built-in rich user experience Snap-In that allows users to add, remove, and edit comments. Comments statuses and discussion support make the collaborative document review process easy for users. This comment feature is available for PDF, TIFF, and the hundred other formats supported by DocuVieware.

Printing support - Header and footer have been removed when printing in Chrome and Firefox to save ink and paper.

User Interface Localization - DocuVieware 3 supports several new languages: Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Korean and Hebrew. This increases the number of supported languages to 25.

A new set of tutorials is provided to ease DocuVieware 3.0 integration in any web technology. These richly illustrated step by step guides show how to serve DocuVieware through a REST API and integrate it into your application using JavaScript, Angular, PHP, Java, ASP.NET, and more.

DocuVieware v3 can be downloaded and tested free of charge on the DocuVieware website. Technical support is provided during the evaluation phase.