Fusion 3.1 brings AI to search

Lucidworks has announced Fusion 3.1, the latest version of its flagship data application development platform, introducing out-of-the-box AI and machine learning tools for enterprise search. This latest release also includes an improved user interface, enhanced security features, and advanced connector capabilities.

With Fusion 3.1, built-in Apache Spark AI and machine learning features empower organisations to train, test, and deploy scalable machine learning models for query intent, recommendations, and search relevance tuning. Fusion users can leverage powerful new collaborative and personalised recommender algorithms to enhance the predictive search experience, significantly improving data insights.

Additional Fusion 3.1 features include:

  • SharePoint Online support to index data from the Microsoft collaboration suite.
  • Improved Job Management and Scheduling interface for streamlined operational efficiency
  • Enhanced security and authentication across indexing, analytics, monitoring and other Fusion services
  • New interface for visually exploring relationships among collections, ETL processes, parsers, and other Fusion objects