Secure filesharing as a service (SFAS) now on offer from Cloudrecover

Australian hosting provider CloudRecover and the American security platform vendor FinalCode have announced a new partnership to offer Final Code’s secure file sharing solutions across a number of applications.

As a Managed services provider, CloudRecover is also now able to deliver FinalCode as a service.

Headquartered in San Jose, California, FinalCode provides easy to deploy data protection solutions designed to enable businesses to securely share documents and data with external parties.

The FinalCode solutions have been designed by a team of cyber security experts and are suitable for organisations of all sizes, commercial, enterprise or government agencies.

Their file security solution enables businesses to easily protect shared sensitive information both within and outside their organisation, including:

  • Enterprise-grade encryption
  • Granular file permissions to give organisations full control over their data – no matter where they are
  • Control over files even after they have been shared, with the ability to modify or revoke access at any time.


Mac Thompson, CloudRecover’s director, said, “We were looking for an innovative solution that could help our customers to improve their data security management on a daily basis. Organisations are facing an ever-increasing challenge in maintaining the security and privacy of their sensitive information – especially when faced with today’s “always on” business environment.

“The FinalCode technology gives organisations control over their sensitive and important data – both inside the confines of their own network, as well as out in the wild. Businesses can now confidently share information as they need to, while still meeting their security and compliance requirements.”

FinalCode’s solution addresses the needs of data security across multiple devices. It reduces data leakage risk and keeps data safe from hackers, malware and unintentional mishandling. FinalCode integrates with all popular applications.