Citadel delivers ECM as a Service

Australian technology solution provider Citadel Group has launched its first Enterprise Content Management as a Service offering, Citadel Information Exchange (CiX). CiX is a true cloud based solution offering Enterprise Content Management as a fully managed, hosted service. CiX is powered by HPE Content Manager.

Citadel CEO Darren Stanley said, “Citadel manages complexity for our clients through its solutions, solving the corporate knowledge crisis that has been a long-term problem for many organisations, which is only intensifying as organisations grow.

“Most employees are expected to access four or more systems to access the right documents, however Citadel’s CiX brings corporate knowledge into a single, easily accessible, completely secure cloud, which can be accessed anywhere, anytime, and from any device.”

Stanley said CiX brings an end to costly maintenance of a multitude of document management and storage systems while increasing employee productivity. By bringing existing documents and information into a secure, sensible, easy to access cloud library where you can access your documents quickly anytime, anywhere and from any device, CiX can quickly prove its return on investment.

Cloud Enablement

“CiX provides the flexibility to choose a cloud platform that suits any organisational needs, from Citadel’s own cloud platform to a selection of top tier cloud platform providers. CiX is fully scalable and Citadel will manage the complexity, including the scale, security, server, network and databases,” said Stanley.

CiX is completely flexible and configurable to the size of an organisation, from a few users to tens of thousands. For smaller organisations, CiX provides an affordable per user per month pricing model, multi-tenant architecture and user support. 

The enterprise platform solution provides flexible enterprise level customisation delivered from Citadel’s Cloud to meet specific business needs It also provides advanced data protection, 24x7 monitoring and support, and customised Service Level Agreements.

Lastly, the hybrid solution maximises existing cloud users, providing tailored Enterprise Information Management solutions which meet specific needs.

In December last year, Citadel was named a Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Platinum Partner, the only HPE Information Management and Governance Platinum Partner in the Asia Pacific Japan Region. The Partner program is designed to acknowledge partners who have not only brought in the most clients, but also those clients who execute services to the highest standards.

Stanley said Citadel’s CiX has a pipeline of over 15,000 Content Manager seats and comes at the right time with many large organisations implementing ‘cloud first’ strategies in response to Government recommendations.

"Organisations will now have to justify the deployment of any on premise applications and infrastructure."