HPE Software’s newest Platinum Partner, Objective

Objective Corporation has joined the Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Software Technology Alliances Program as an accredited Platinum Partner.

Under the program, Objective has made a long-term commitment to expanding value for HPE customers with Objective Connect, Objective Perform and Objective Trapeze for HPE Information Management and Governance (IM&G) products, including HPE Content Manager.

Platinum membership to the HPE Software Technology Alliances Program enables the HPE field force and HPE partners to market the Objective value-add solutions in conjunction with HPE’s core offerings.

Tony Walls, CEO of Objective said “The bulk of Objective’s research and development efforts over the past decade have been on creating solutions that allow customers to enjoy unique capabilities. Objective is innovating in order to ensure HPE customers have access to intelligent, natural, frictionless industry solutions that can be adopted everywhere.

“We believe technology has the ability to provide greater efficiency and governance, delivering better business outcomes for customers and their stakeholders”.

David Gould, Worldwide Director, Information Management and Governance, Hewlett Packard Enterprise said “Our relationship with Objective is great news for our customers as it is another example of an innovative partner providing great solutions that work with HPE Content Manager, extending the value received from their investment in both our companies.

“The integration of HPE Content Manager with Objective’s solutions allows customers to seamlessly manage document-centric business processes and extend their information governance into the cloud.”

For more than 15 years, Objective’s Trapeze technology has been licensed to HPE and is incorporated in HPE Content Manager globally, empowering 2 million users with powerful image viewing and manipulation capabilities.

Recently released Objective Perform delivers repository agnostic business process management and best practice applications that work seamlessly with HPE Content Manager to more effectively manage document centric business processes.

Objective Connect, now used by approximately 50,000 users across 60 countries, allows team members to work collaboratively with anyone outside of their organisation by creating secure, private workspaces where they can contribute to documents, capture conversations and control tasks. HPE Content Manager is maintained as the single-source-of-truth, with all documents, versions and audit trails automatically synchronised between the cloud and HPE Content Manager.

Objective extends the value of existing HPE investments for customers, through a range of government process solutions that are easy to deploy, intuitive and robust, delivering improved transparency, auditability and better operational outcomes.

For more information visit www.objective.com/hpe-solutions