OpenText and DocuSign integrate esignatures

OpenText and DocuSign have announced new integrations to help OpenText enterprise customers securely create and route documents for electronic signature. With the DocuSign integration, OpenText users will have a court-admissible audit trail to help comply with information governance needs. 

As part of The DocuSign Global Trust Network, OpenText will provide customers access to Digital Transaction Management (DTM) solutions that enable organizations to quickly get up and running with secure, managed and legally compliant electronic signatures, eliminating the need to print, fax, scan and overnight documents.

In addition, there are pre-configured document templates which can be easily added to existing workflows and adapted for specific requirements.

Using the OpenText Content Suite Platform with DocuSign, users can quickly and securely route communications through to signature and easily store the signed document back into the repository. DocuSign helps enterprise users meet compliance and information governance standards through its complete  audit trail, capturing all activities associated with the document, time stamps and the location of where the document was signed.

DocuSign will also be available as part of OpenText Customer Communications Management to create documents requiring signatures, and can add electronic signatures capabilities to OpenText Contract Center for automated contract processing.