OnePlaceMail 7.2 develops file saving intelligence

Support for Office 2016 and Windows 10 has been announced with the release of OnePlaceMail 7.2 as well as the ability to prompt for suggested filing locations for emails saved to SharePoint/Office 365.

OnePlaceDocs Explorer can be used to directly drag and drop files from desktop & file system to SharePoint locations and there is the ability to attach emails & documents to existing SharePoint list items.

Other features include:

  • File preview – now available from the ‘Insert from SharePoint’ window
  • Download files from SharePoint/Office 365 (right-click on embedded SharePoint grid-view) in both OnePlaceMail & OnePlaceDocs

Suggested Locations in OnePlaceLive

  • adds facility to explicitly defined managed properties for searching email To and From metadata
  • adds facility to define regular expressions to match against email content and apply subsequent search against SharePoint for finding locations
  • standalone utility application to define regular expressions for intelligent matching of email content, and generates the appropriate config update.xml file for these settings

OnePlaceMail can now intelligently suggest locations to save emails within SharePoint/Office 365 based on previous email filing operations. Additional capabilities have been provided through OnePlaceLive.

There is now the ability to attach emails & documents to existing list items.

The OnePlaceDocs Explorer lets you directly drag and drop files from desktop & Windows file explorer to SharePoint / Office 365 locations.