Time to treat email as documents says harmon.ie

Harmon.ie wants to end the Outlook-SharePoint struggle by treating email as full-fledged documents rather than having emails managed separately from other business documents. The company claims the common use of two repositories (Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint) for storing connected business information creates a massive organisational burden when workers need to find relevant information quickly, especially for audit, discovery or compliance needs. 

harmon.ie's new solution provides a single, central document repository using Microsoft SharePoint that allows organisations to treat emails as documents -- helping organizations meet key business objectives such as handling records, managing clients or cases, or retaining critical knowledge.

Email has come a long way since its original use as a method for quickly exchanging messages. Today, business emails are documents in every respect. Yet emails are still relegated to silos like Microsoft Exchange, while other documents such as proposals, contracts and product specifications are handled by traditional document management systems such as SharePoint.

"The reality of business in the digital age is that emails are easily lost in the shuffle of everyday life, but they really should be indistinguishable from traditional documents and frequently contain agreements, simple statements of work, requirements, contracts, etc. that are critical to doing business," said Joel Oleson, Director of Business Development at Konica Minolta Business Solutions and Office 365 influencer.

"Having a solution that creates a single, easily searchable repository of traditional documents and emails is a powerful way for workers to add structure and streamline business without needing to work outside the tools they already use."

The new harmon.ie solution enables users to drag and drop emails from their Outlook window to a corporate SharePoint or Office 365 site, without ever leaving the place they do most of their work - their email client. harmon.ie automatically converts email headers -- such as To, From, Subject and Received -- into SharePoint metadata. Classifying emails using metadata, harmon.ie ensures that each email can be found easily when needed. With the new harmon.ie solution, both emails and documents stored in SharePoint can also be discovered and shared on mobile devices.

"The role of email in business is rapidly changing -- emails hold increasingly crucial information but are increasingly more difficult to find and access when users really need them," noted Yaacov Cohen, CEO of harmon.ie.

"Today's information management challenges call for a unified email and document management approach. harmon.ie is helping organisations get a grip on information management by elevating emails to the status of full-fledged documents, by storing and classifying them in SharePoint. By providing complete and integrated access to SharePoint and other Microsoft collaboration tools like OneDrive for Business, Skype for Business, and Yammer on the desktop and on mobile devices, harmon.ie is a critical component to business collaboration."


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