harmonie Collage gets it all together

harmon.ie has enhanced its Collage app to provide access to topical email, together with all their business apps, documents, collaboration apps and enterprise social networks in the one place. 

Product enhancements include:

View and respond to topical emails: Surface emails organised by topics in Collage's information stream, together with updates from business apps, document storage apps and social apps... bringing all critical information into a single place.

Launch native apps 'in context:' Enable workers to respond to important updates by launching native apps directly from Collage. This critical capability allows users to complete the right task, at the right time by reducing the cognitive load inherent in toggling between apps to get work done.

Share important updates via email and social networks: Share updates via Yammer and Salesforce Chatter, directly from Collage.

Access via iPhone: Workers receive all their business updates in their pocket, in one app, with new added iPhone support.

Collage combines updates from a worker's complete set of existing business apps into a single information stream -- apps such as business applications, document collaboration tools, enterprise social networks and email.

Collage then employs machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to automatically extract common topics from these updates, so workers can filter information by important subjects, people or time.

"Mobile devices have been purposely designed to distract users in the consumer world. The business-centric mobile experience cannot conform to these standards because an incessant stream of business application notifications is not only annoying, it's invasive," said Yaacov Cohen, CEO of harmon.ie.

"Business users need to focus, and that requires a complete redesign of the mobile cloud experience. Collage delivers a new way to solve digital workplace challenges -- giving workers a Digital Workplace app to provide them with what they need to know without the distraction of competing apps and alerts."

To request a test download of Collage, visit HERE.