Secure eForm and eSign platform for Tax File Number

Secured Signing, the Australasian provider of customised eForms and the PKI Digital Signature system, has announced the launch of its secure Tax File Number (TFN) apparatus that complies with and meets the Australian Tax Office (ATO) electronic signatures guidelines.

The solution allows companies of any size or industry to change their paper-based TFN data collection into a secure electronic process that gives employees and contractors the flexibility to legally complete and digitally sign TFN forms from anywhere at any time.

Secured Signing’s new hallmark enables a company’s authorised personnel to instantly invite an employee to complete and sign a branded on-boarding digital package that includes workflow, TFN form , and due date for sign-off. The Secured Signing service then verifies all mandatory fields are filled with no missing information, and progresses to check the validity of the stated TFN number. 

To complete the online signing process and to ensure a maximum level of security is achieved, the system sends an SMS Code to the employee’s mobile phone that needs to be entered in order to complete the signing process. This two-factor authentication process certifies the user’s identity and guarantees the credibility of the signatory’s information.

“Secured Signing transforms the previously lengthy, time consuming, compulsory procedure into a secure, simple, fast, and convenient paperless process,” says Mike Eyal, Secured Signing’s Managing Director.

 “The sought-after new implementation combines Secured Signing’s secure Personalised X509 PKI Digital Signature technology with the remarkable work of our development team to deliver to our customers and users business flexibility with absolute accuracy in its content and operations.”

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