TITUS Classification secures email and mobile documents

Titus has released an email and document security solution called TITUS Classification for Mobile

It addresses scenarios where viewing email attachments on mobile devices and the existence of personal cloud services such as Dropbox can pose serious security and compliance threats because documents are not protected, and employees can share documents with third parties or store documents on public clouds – completely out of an IT organisation’s control. 

“On average, 15% of employees are accessing sensitive data such as customer information, non-public financial data, intellectual property, and corporate strategy from devices other than work laptops and desktops. Employees are continuing to use their personal devices to view confidential business information,” said Chris Sherman, Analyst with Forrester Research Inc. in his report, ‘The State of Enterprise Mobile Security, Q1 2014: Strategies Shift from Devices to Apps’ (February 2014).

TITUS Classification for Mobile provides a secure and separate container for business email and documents. The interface provides direct access to corporate email, SharePoint libraries and common file sharing services, ensuring that sensitive files are managed according to corporate policy. Administrators are able to leverage classifications to enable fine-grained control over a user’s ability to email, print, copy, upload, and open files into third party apps. 

Additional data protection is provided by extending Microsoft Rights Management Services (RMS) to mobile devices, allowing users to access or protect data using Microsoft RMS.

Key features of TITUS Classification for Mobile include:

  • Email Classification – organisations are able to extend their classification scheme to mobile devices, giving users the ability to consistently classify corporate emails sent from both desktop computers and mobile devices.
  • Secure Container – provides containerised solutions to keep business and personal information separate. 
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) Compatible – works in-concert with existing MDM technologies. 
  • Mobile Data Loss Prevention – allows administrators to build and enforce mobile DLP policies based on file type or classification to control how mobile emails and documents can be shared, printed, distributed, copied, or uploaded to the cloud.  
  • Secure Access to Microsoft SharePoint and Cloud Storage – provides direct access to corporate SharePoint documents and Cloud storage services. Uploaded documents can be automatically encrypted for additional protection of shared files.
  • RMS Protection – allows organisations to view Microsoft Rights Management Services protected information on mobile devices and apply protection to their sensitive files and documents.  

TITUS Classification for Mobile is now available for both the iOS and Android platforms. Contact TITUS directly for enterprise pricing information.