File Archiving through Outlook in GFI MailArchiver 2014

GFI Software has updated GFI MailArchiver 2014, its mail archiving solution, with new features that eliminate the need for employees to use public cloud-based services for document storage, along with increased functionality and control through Outlook. 

GFI MailArchiver provides IT administrators with complete transparency into the email habits and potential risks created by their end users. The solution also helps organisations in regulated industries assure compliance in the case of an audit. 

GFI MailArchiver 2014 now features the File Archiving Assistant, which enables automatic document archiving and storage. Archiving is not just for emails, files and documents also must be archived to facilitate better retrieval and compliance. File Archiving Assistant also enables file sharing while keeping documents stored safely and securely. 

Other increased functionalities of GFI MailArchiver 2014 include:

Emails can now be deleted, based on their permissions, directly through Outlook. 

Folders can now be reformatted, including naming and deletion, from within MailArchiver’s web-based console.

Larger organisations who use SQL and FileSystem databases in order to retain scalability now have full audit capabilities over their data. 

“Email is both a business blessing and a curse, though most of the time it is thankfully more of a blessing,” said Richard Rundle, General Manager, Asia Pacific at GFI Software. 

“Email and the portability of computing now allow business to be conducted at all hours of the day and night and from any location. However, end users, especially our road warriors, will always use technology that makes their jobs easier and unfortunately, security tends to be an afterthought. With File Archiving Assistant, GFI MailArchiver now provides the convenience of popular cloud-based storage sites, but hosted on-premise in a manner where organisations can remain in control of their data and maintain better compliance.”

In a blind, independent US survey, respondents revealed that any time of the day or night is fair game for people to check their email and take care of work items. The research, conducted by Opinion Matters among 500 US workers at companies with less than 500 employees, showed that almost 70 percent of employees (68.2 percent) check their email outside of normal business hours. In addition, more than half (55.8 percent) reported using their inbox as a document storage device. This is a potentially dangerous and ineffective method to manage email files, creating bloated mailboxes that in turn become prone to data corruption, impedes performance and increases storage costs. Also posing a risk are external cloud-based storage alternatives, like Dropbox, that have grown increasingly popular due to their ease of use and access-anywhere capabilities. These survey results indicate that people are working at any time and from any location, which has created a need for employers to allow staff to do this without sacrificing the security and accessibility of their documents. 

GFI MailArchiver 2014 pricing starts A$29 ex GST per mailbox.