PSIGEN Releases PSI:Capture V5.1

PSIGEN Software has launched v5.1, the latest version of its flagship document capture product, PSI:Capture, with enhancements to the EasyAP offering to simplify and accelerate the processing of accounting documents.  

The key core module in v5.1 is the Table Extraction Module, which automatically identifies and extracts invoice line item table data.  Along with this module, additional features have been added to PSIGEN’s Classification Module to provide enhanced accuracy and automation in form and document identification. 

“Our Accounts Payable solution has had fantastic traction in all markets.  Businesses are looking for an affordable, efficient solution.” said Bruce Hensley, of PSIGEN.  “In 5.1, we have taken all the feedback from our customers and partners, and really taken our product to the next level when it comes to invoice processing.  We created an AP Automation product that is simple to configure, and takes minimal time to get to production.”

“AP Automations continue to be in high demand in our Asia Pacific region and it is very important to us that we are providing a robust and effective solution to our partners for their AP Invoice implementations” said Steven Chenery, CEO for Asia-Pacific distributor UpFlow. “With the latest release, PSIGEN have once again delivered a framework that will improve the lives of the end users and provide a quick ROI to the business.“

The release also has 60 new features and enhancements that go beyond invoice processing and focus on simplified configuration, workflow auto-processing and enhanced data extraction accuracy.

An overview of v5, feature listings and demonstration videos can be found at