Objective unveils SaaS-based Enterprise Content Creation

Objective Corporation has announced the launch of a new solution for creating, approving and publishing business critical documents, the Objective Content Creation (ECC) Platform. 

The cloud-based platform is designed for large and complex documents that require multiple authors and become too unwieldy in Word or any other browser-based word processor. It is operated via a HTML5 browser app.

Objective ECC provides distributed organisations with the ability to author, review, approve, and publish critical business documents in a cloud-based environment with security and version control down to a sentence level. 

The software-as-a-service platform can work with a range of EDRMS and document storage options.

Applications include the collaborative authoring of prospectus documents, investment guides, annual or performance reports, statements of advice, policy and procedure libraries, tenders, bids, proposals, enterprise wide reports, legal agreements, planning documents and more. 

Tony Walls, CEO of Objective Corporation said, “With the release of Objective Enterprise Content Creation, Objective is the only company that enables an organisation to manage every facet of the information lifecycle from the creation of a document through review, publishing and disposal of content.”

Objective ECC enables internal and external contributors to collaboratively author the same document at the same time without the risk and quality problems traditionally associated with tracking changes and merging content from multiple authors and documents. 

For organisations where ensuring the accuracy and consistency of content is critical, Objective ECC’s Content library enables authors to use pre-approved wording that auto populates their document with a sentence, paragraph, section or an entire set of Terms, saving time, providing traceability, reducing errors and the necessity of rework when information changes. 

Objective ECC actively guides the user through the content creation and review process by sending email notifications to them when actions or reviews are required. Document owners can revert back to any previous version, view changes that have been made, understand who made and approved the changes, and identify the time and date when the changes were implemented. 

Staff can focus on their expert content, leaving Objective ECC’s high-quality templating and publishing engine to take care of the rest. Beautiful print or web ready documents can be created with one click through predefined templates that ensure an organisation’s brand is maintained. This removes the need for a separate design and publishing phase of document production. The single-source approach to content creation removes the risk of errors, saves significant time and rework, and enables changes to be made right up to the final publishing deadline.

Objective ECC is being used by financial services and government organisations around the world including QBE in Australia.

To learn more about Objective Enterprise Content Creation view the overview video on the Objective website.