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Forget service design, forget applications technology prowess, the most important aspect of any project is stakeholder engagement, empathy and communication. People make systems and technology work, not the other way around.

ASX Listed company 3D Medical Limited has announced a partnership with Intelerad Medical Systems (Intelerad) to develop seamless ordering of the company’s patient-specific 3D printed anatomical models and fulfilment services. Orders will be placed directly with 3DM from Intelerad’s InteleViewer software while the clinician is reviewing a patient’s diagnostic image study.

South Australian technology company Parashift has been chosen to help streamline the digitisation and cataloguing of artefacts for the world’s largest collection of material relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and knowledge, held by The Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS).

If you are a law firm still relying on paper records, don’t feel you are being left behind, as a recent survey of US and Canadian firms found 84% of firms rely on paper records for their official matter file, with 13% noting their firms had no official matter file policy at all.

Talk to office workers that are inundated with massive amounts of paper and you will hear a consistent set of challenges. They’re desperately seeking a better way to manage documents. They want to work smarter, not harder. More importantly, they need to unlock the power of information while saving time and money to accelerate business growth.  

Baker & McKenzie has become the first global law firm to run the latest version of SAP, employing the solution across all of its 77 offices in 47 countries.

Enterprises are struggling when it comes to mobile ECM (enterprise content management) deployment, with more than three quarters of business executives surveyed in a new Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) study saying they need to embrace mobile applications or be left behind.

What are the key industry markets that the office printing and document imaging industry is exploring today? Is this the right move and are they attractive markets to move into? Would you consider them blue oceans or are they just more red oceans? Is this the right strategic move for the players and the industry? Will entry into these markets protect them quickly enough or will the transition be too slow and difficult to avoid the inevitable and ever increasing tidal change of the red oceans where they currently operate?

If there’s one major challenge to single out in healthcare IT today, it would be leveraging the growth and usage of big data. While consumer IT made big advances in the past decade to get a handle of data by marking up content, indexing it, and annotating it for use, enterprise, and healthcare IT in particular, still need to catch up on making data actionable.