Open source video module for Drupal

Open source video module for Drupal

January 5, 2009: Kaltura has released version 1.0 of its "All in One" video module for the Drupal open source Content Management Platform.

The Kaltura module, which can be downloaded at, handles every aspect of rich-media, allowing Drupal site-builders to customise, configure, and manage rich media functionalities that include uploading, importing, editing, annotating, remixing, and sharing of video, audio, and photo files.

"With more than 15,000 sites already using our solutions and hundreds of new ones every day, it is clear that our open source platform is filling a void in the online video space," said RonYekutiel, Kaltura Chairman and CEO.

"The Kaltura Drupal module is the perfect solution for integrators and site builders to easily add advanced integrated rich media functionality to their sites. It is also another great example of how our open source development platform can be used by the community to create integrated rich media extensions for other platforms. We invite providers of other platforms to add to our arsenal of open source video solutions, including extensions forMediaWiki, WordPress, and Drupal, and build their own rich media extensions using our flexible, available, and free development tools."

Kaltura's "All in One" video module was developed using the open source Kaltura code. It is specifically tailored for Drupal, and seamlessly integrates withDrupal's unique features and modules, such as CCK, Views, cron , metadata, permissions and taxonomy. The module is currently compatible with Drupal 6 (a Drupal 5 compatible version will be available soon).

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