Fancy a Palm Portal?

Fancy a Palm Portal?

Enterprise software firm Hummingbird is to integrate its data and reporting solutions to support the delivery of corporate data to 3Com's Palm-based handheld computing devices.

This move is designed to broaden the organisation's data availability beyond the desktop, to accommodate the growing number of people tied to a business that are remotely based.

These data integration and reporting solutions are already inherent to Hummingbird's Enterprise Information Portal, and the decision to make them remotely available fits within the company's overall Palm and telephony-based wireless strategy, otherwise called its Mobile Decision Making initiative.

This strategy aims to enable the Genio Suite, which turns corporate data into business information, and the reporting and analytics BI/Suite, to be leveraged through Palm devices.

Hummingbird's membership in the WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) Forum is also key to its strategy. The company intends to work within the forum to contribute to WAP standards for access hosting, data integration and reporting, document and knowledge management and enterprise information portals.

Hummingbird intends to make its Mobile Data Integration and Reporting components available in the second quarter of this year.

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