The online blogging community JournalSpace.com has become a deft example of the importance of proper backups, with every last bit of the company’s data disappearing at the hands of a disgruntled employee.

QNAP has announced that its Turbo NAS series is now compatible with Seagate’s 1.5TB hard disks, giving the storage devices higher total capacities than ever before.

Symantec is edging its latest security suite, Norton 360, towards final release, slipping the third beta of the radically revamp security solution out for public testing.

The private engineering firm TERiX has announced the launch of new tools and support service aimed specifically at mission critical data centres.

Along with several other improvements, ExaGrid has added what it is calling ‘instant’ disaster recovery functionality to its disk-based backup system, saying it can now provide higher performance connectivity options, expanded data handlin...

XP is becoming the little OS that could, earning yet another reprieve from retirement for channel vendors amid whispers that it could stick around until Windows 7 is released.

IT infrastructure consulting firm GlassHouse Technologies has announced a new service that it says can help organisations better understand storage management.

Mimosa Systems has announced a Retention and Classification Option (RCO) for its Nearpoint product that provides the ability to intelligently and automatically classify and tag a...

Enterprise data protection specialist Sepaton has released the results of a new IT budget survey, saying that it shows enterprises are planning to maintain or increase data protection budgets in 2009 despite the economic slowdown.

In the face of exponentially expanding storage requirements, Symantec is telling its customers to “stop buying storage”, saying that its Veritas CommandCentral storage resource management (SRM) suite can help put off increasing capacity.