Enterprise Content Management

Computershare is implementing the Symantec Data Loss Prevention solution worldwide to protect hundreds of millions of confidential shareholder records.

Queensland is is to become the first police force in Australia to deploy electronic ID Cards from Gemalto to provide a digital security solution.

Northumberland County Council, geographically the largest in England, has implemented a solution for its Strategic Planning department utilising Objective Corporation’s Limehouse solution.

EMC has launched a drag and drop interface that removes the need for programming skills when designing capture workflows in Captiva InputAccel.

KnowledgeTree has announced the release of version 3.7 of its commercial edition, version 1.1 of its Microsoft Office Add-in, and an alpha release of KnowledgeTree Explorer CP (cross platform).

The latest version of SharePointBoost's Rich Text Boost allows SharePoint users to enable or disable any available functionality by offering a customisable rich text editor control panel.

ABBYY is promoting its new Recognition Server for Google Search Appliance is a solution for organisations looking to ensure that all valuable organizational knowledge is electronically accessible 24x7.

 Aconex has introduced a new approach to streamlining vendor document management on mining and energy projects.

BlueCielo has launched a new Engineering Content Management (ECM) solution, the InnoCielo 2009a product family consisting of InnoCielo Meridian Enterprise 2009a, its optional modules and InnoCielo TeamWork 2009a

 Alfresco Software has announced an Asia Pacific Support Centre will open in Sydney in January 2010.