Enterprise Applications

A Sydney firm which publishes legal source information, is to release its consolidated corporations law across the Internet.

Westpac has undertaken one of the largest installations of computer output to laser disc (COLD) technology to date in the Asia Pacific region.

Following the recent acquisition, Westpac and the Bank of Melbourne plan to integrate aspects of their reporting systems.

The finance sector, traditionally paper-intensive, is embracing intranet technologies with enthusiasm.

Optika has introduced eMedia, a Web-based electronic software infastructure for managing and automating paper-intensive business processes.

If you don't catch the e-commerce train your business could be left behind.

When a call centre is linked with an information management system, far greater levels of efficiency and customer service can be achieved.

A call centre is an organisation's marketing opportunity to die for.

Call centres are going to change the way in which we live, work and, most significantly, shop.

How companies approach customers can vary in cost dramatically.