infoXpert adds eDiscovery module

infoXpert has announced the planned release of the infoXpert eDiscovery & Federated Search module for 2010.

This portal product is designed to change the way organisations discover content that exists in the wide range of local and remote storage areas.

infoXpert eDiscovery module will provide a single unified web portal that can provide a single federated search across all the local and remote resources and present the results within a single web page.

It aims to save time by allowing users to perform a single search instead of multiple sources separately, and discover information that may “hidden” in obscure databases.

There will be improved utilisation of electronic subscriptions and a “One Stop Shop” to search across all organisation resources (including Sharepoint, Windows Network Drives,Email Archives, Library Databases, Electronic Journals and the infoXpert eDRMS.

The infoXpert eDiscovery module (incorporating Federated Searching) is planned for release during mid 2010.