Nuxeo updates open source document management software

Nuxeo has released a new version of its Document Management and Enterprise Platform adding usability and social features.

Driven by community feedback, many of the new features and enhancements improve usability of the application, using standards such as OpenSocial, OAuth, HTML5, WebDAV, and CMIS.

The new WSS connector was contributed by Nuxeo partner Gagnavarslan, an ECM solution provider in Iceland. With this connector, the Nuxeo repository can be mapped as a drive under MS Windows or Mac OS X.

"We are building a range of ECM services based on Nuxeo, and our clients need a smooth desktop integration into an existing Microsoft Windows infrastructure," said Jónas Sigurðsson, Development Manager at Gagnavarslan in Iceland.

"Our group of developers in Kiev reverse engineered the existing WSS protocol to support Windows 7, Windows XP and the latest MS Office versions directly in Nuxeo EP. We support the open source paradigm and are happy to contribute our work back to the Nuxeo community."

Other contributions include ongoing enhancements for the OpenSocial integration from customer Leroy Merlin. It now supports the GWT OpenSocial container, making the dashboard faster, and providing more gadgets and layout options.

In addition, the Nuxeo platform is now completely integrated with OpenSocial and fully supports OAuth, allowing for external gadget integration in Nuxeo DM, and the use of Nuxeo DM gadgets in external containers, such as iGoogle. OAuth support ensures control of which services are used and the scope of data shared between applications.

While the GWT container is well equipped to manage dashboards, a new light OpenSocial JavaScript Gadget container offers a quick and easy way to add an OpenSocial gadget to a content template in Nuxeo DM.

Other highlights of Nuxeo EP and DM 5.4.2 include:

HTML 5 Drag'n'Drop. Import single or multiple files via drag'n'drop, without installing a plugin. With a bulk edit feature, metadata can be defined for multiple files on upload.
Local configuration. Configure the document types, themes, and content views that are available for a particular domain or workspace, rather than imposing a universal configuration on the entire repository.
New system properties for the CMIS interface. In addition to the system properties defined in the CMIS specification under the cmis: prefix, Nuxeo EP adds properties under the nuxeo: prefix.
Improved User Interface layout, for a more streamlined access to the user dashboard, document management center, and administration center.
Content Views. Content listings and search results now include filtering options and export options (RSS, ATOM, CSV, Excel, PDF), and can be easily configured with Nuxeo Studio.
Facets. These declarative markers can now be defined on a per-document instance basis instead of only per-document type, giving a more fine-tuned control of search and retrieval operations.

Nuxeo DM 5.4.2 is available with no license charge by downloading it at Download options include an installable application for Windows, Linux or Mac environments, as well as a pre-configured virtual appliance for VMWare or VirtualBox-compatible environments. Nuxeo DM can also be previewed instantly with an online trial version.


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