SeeUnity synchronises SharePoint and ECM

SeeUnity has launched a product designed to enable information workers to easily transfer content between SharePoint and external enterprise content management (ECM) repositories.

"Synchronize Express delivers a new type of content integration for SharePoint," says Brant Henne, Marketing Director for SeeUnity.

"Customers have requested an agile, cost-optimized solution for moving content between SharePoint and external content management systems. Synchronize Express provides this ability - with a product that installs in minutes and requires no specialized user training."

System administrators configure Synchronize Express to pair SharePoint folders with corresponding folders in external repositories - including ECM systems, line of business applications, or file shares.

Content placed in the source folder is automatically copied into its corresponding destination folder. Subsequent changes to source documents are mirrored across to the destination folder. Content can be synchronized from SharePoint out to an ECM system, or from an ECM system out to SharePoint.

Synchronisation can satisfy a number of business demands, including:
-- Creating local content caches for improved performance;
-- Providing read and write access to duplicated files, while protecting master versions;
-- Share and collecting information with external users outside of your ECM environment; and
-- Archive and protect SharePoint content as ECM document of record.

Business Solution: