Oracle ECM takes on imaging & forms

Oracle has unveiled Oracle Imaging and Process Management 11g and Oracle Forms Recognition, both new components of Oracle Fusion Middleware.

Oracle now claims it is the only company able to provide the combination of enterprise applications, business process management and content management to automate document and image-intensive business processes, such as accounts payable, employee recruitment and onboarding, and claims processing.

Oracle Forms Recognition can analyse, recognise, and categorise virtually any structured or semi-structured document type including invoices, purchase orders, bills of lading, and claims forms.
In addition to enabling enterprise content consolidation through a single repository in Oracle Universal Content Management, Oracle Imaging and Process Management 11g helps:

Content-enable business applications and processes via pre-integration with business software, such as the Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Business Process Management Suite;
Improve business processes that span lines of business and include paper-based and electronic transactions;
Simplify deployment and accelerate time-to-value through a broad set of solution templates that provide pre-defined workflows, process rules, data forms and executive dashboards. (For example, a comprehensive, pre-packaged business process module for accounts payable is available with Oracle Imaging and Process Management 11g.); and
Facilitate standards-based integrations and deployments based on a Service-Oriented Architecture and a Java Enterprise Edition compatible infrastructure.

With Oracle Forms Recognition, information required to complete document-intensive business processes can be automatically extracted from documents captured by Oracle Document Capture and integrated into appropriate enterprise applications, accelerating business processes and reducing the potential for manual data entry errors.

In addition, Oracle Forms Recognition incorporates advanced learning capabilities, enabling organizations to save time and money by eliminating the need to create data capture templates for new business processes, vendors and document types.

"Managing document and image-intensive business processes like accounts payable can be extremely time consuming and expensive without effective and integrated management," said Andy MacMillan, vice president, Product Management, Oracle.

"Invoices, receipts and exceptions can create a paper storm that delays payments, increases resource requirements and results in penalty fees and damaged business relationships. The launch of Oracle Forms Recognition and Oracle Imaging and Process Management 11g, delivers a unified, comprehensive imaging and process management platform that helps put those documents and images where they belong and where they can be easily managed -- in the applications business people use every day to complete their jobs." 

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