Author-it makes the SharePoint connection

Author-it makes the SharePoint connection

September 9, 2009:IT consulting form Syrinx has developed a SharePoint Connector for Author-it Software's content management and publishing platform that allows users to deploy content automatically and directly into SharePoint.

At the click of a button, content, graphics, links, navigation, and metadata within Author-it are published to a SharePoint list. Sharepoint indexes the information making itnatively searchable and browsable as standard items in a page library and in a web-based format native to a specific SharePoint environment.

To deliver the client solution, Author-it's multi-channel publishing engine connects to the Syrinx SharePoint Connector allowing seamless, single-click publishing of content from Author-it directly into SharePoint. The partnership offers an end-to-end content management solution, with Author-it used for the authoring, management and publishing of content, while theSyrinx SharePoint Connector deploys the published output directly to SharePoint sites for consumption by the intended audience.

Syrinx and Author-it first partnered to best meet requirements of Gilbane Inc., one of the United States' largest privately held family-owned companies in construction and real estate, with annual revenues above $US3.5 billion.Gilbane engaged Syrinx to deliver an enterprise search solution that would enable employees to pull the right content from more than 1000 sources, fromJobsite control documents to Human Resources and Financial forms. The solution warranted authoring, importing and delivering critical company operations manuals via SharePoint 2007.

"The Gilbane initiative led us to investigate enterprise authoring, content management and publishing products that we could integrate with SharePoint. We ultimately chose Author-it for its industry-leading authoring and publishing capabilities," commented Ryan Thomas, SharePoint Practice Director,Syrinx.

"Allowing Author-it's native publishing functionality to quickly push managed and styled content into SharePoint filled a gap inGilbane's need to maintain control over structured authoring, while providing maximum flexibility in the delivery and social communication functions of their existing SharePoint infrastructure."

"Syrinx and Author-it are best-in-class organizations with deep SharePoint expertise. They have demonstrated an effective partnership by collaborating to take SharePoint to its fullest capability forGilbane," said Jonathan Rider, CIO of Gilbane Inc.

"Recently rolled out, our SharePoint enterprise search and authoring solution – powered by Author-it and Syrinx SharePoint Connector - is already helping account managers and other staff use the vast 100+ year knowledge base and talent across the enterprise."

"Integration with Microsoft SharePoint and similar products is an important element of our overall product and market development strategy, and sets Author-it in a league of its own as an Enterprise Authoring Platform," said Paul Trotter, CEO ofASC. "Syrinx has proven to be the ideal partner in this respect. Their SharePoint expertise, coupled with solid organizational and client relationship skills, resulted in the delivery of an outstanding solution forGilbane Inc."

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