Sharepoint on the move with Mobolize

Sharepoint on the move with Mobolize

September 9, 2009:Mobophiles has opened a limited beta program for its Mobolize solution, which provides both continuous access to a Sharepoint site when you are offline and accelerated access when you are online, all seamlessly from your browser.

Working from within Internet Explorer on your Windows laptop, the Mobolize solution provides a user experience that is identical to having a super-fast and always-on connection directly to your Sharepoint site, even if the user is at a remote branch office or on a plane.

Mobolize is based on advanced virtualization and caching technology that supports existing web sites without any changes to the web application. It is claimed to be the only offline solution that can provide access to the actual Sharepoint web pages, such as web parts, wiki pages, calendars, and team discussions. In addition to seamless access from the browser, Mobolize also provides seamless access from Microsoft Office applications to files stored on Sharepoint, enabling offline and virtually instant file retrievals.

"The typical reaction when people first see Mobolize in action is disbelief, since they have never been able to use their browser before without internet connectivity," said William Chow, co-founder of Mobophiles. "Once they see that they can get to any of their Sharepoint pages even while offline and they can open huge Office documents in seconds even while remote, the productivity benefits are immediately obvious."

The public beta release can be downloaded by going to: