KnowledgeLake kicks in with entry-level ECM

KnowledgeLake kicks in with entry-level ECM

July 14, 2009:An entry level SharePoint based ECM solution is on the way from KnowledgeLake, a company that specialises in document imaging and capture technologies for SharePoint Server 2007.

Due out in the US and Japan this quarter, it promises to offer a "one-touch" install of SharePoint with the user experience delivered through a Silverlight application running in parallel with WSS 3.0.

“The X-Series project is part of KnowledgeLake's plan to enable organisations of any size to leverage SharePoint for solving today’s complex document problems,” said Chris Caplinger, Chief Technology Officer, KnowledgeLake, Inc.

“The X-Series will extend the native capabilities of SharePoint with a powerful suite of applications that will allow users to capture large quantities of mission critical documents and transform them into easily consumable business information.”

A key new feature of the X-Series product is the DocEncrypt technology, which provides a solution for encrypting sensitive data on electronic or paper documents. DocEncrypt enables a user to select a zone on the page of any TIFF or PDF file and encrypt or decrypt that zone with a password.

It is claimed to be a more robust solution than redaction because it does not require copies of a document to be stored without encryption and it provides the ability to encrypt and decrypt both paper and electronic documents.

The KnowledgeLake X-Series product will be packaged for three different deployment models (hardware appliance, virtual appliance and software).

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