Single-user Cumulus makes a comeback

Single-user Cumulus makes a comeback

July 8, 2009:Canto has announced the return of Canto-branded digital asset management (DAM) for individuals. Based on Cumulus 8 technologies, Canto Single User offers state-of-the-art file management for professionals, hobbyists and smaller organisations that don't need the network (multi-user) capabilities of Canto Cumulus 8.

"A single-user version of Cumulus has been a popular request from those using Cumulus at work who wanted the same capabilities at home", explains Canto CEO Ulrich Knocke.

Available for Mac and Windows, Canto Single User catalogues and manages any type of digital file - photos, office documents, audio, recorded TV and video, or anything else. XMP, IPTC and EXIF metadata are supported, and users can add any additional metadata they need.

File-finding options include category browsing, keyword searching, complex query construction, file relations and more. Watermarking, a built-in image editor, and file processing options enable users to manage document masters and create on-the-fly variants that are copyright-protected, format or colour converted, resized and more.

Canto Single User can manage files stored on local drives of home Media Centre PCs, CDs/DVDs, networked computers or network attached storage appliances (NAS). Users can continue to search cataloged DVDs or other media, even when they're offline.

DataBasics will provide upgrade paths from Mediadex and earlier versions of Cumulus Single User. Contact DataBasics for availability and pricing - 1300 886 238 or email


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