Cutting the code from SharePoint development

Cutting the code from SharePoint development

June 25, 2009:Quest Software has announced the newest version of Quest Web Parts for SharePoint, designed to streamline and simplify the application development process by providing the ability to customise and build more robust SharePoint sites, applications, menus and dashboards through configuration rather than code.

It simplifies SharePoint web part configuration by accelerating tedious tasks and simplifying the sometimes confusing coding process.

In addition, the latest version also includes a new DiscussionView web part that improves the ability to easily follow and track discussions, as well as dramatically improved charting functionality.

“Quest Web Parts for SharePoint enabled us to use a single suite of tools that allowed for integration, visual customizations and real application development, all within the browser,” said Stephen Alderman,IM technology architect, Redland Shire Council. “The program is flexible and allows us to create real enterprise MOSS applications directly in the browser without custom code.”

Quest Web Parts for SharePoint is now available in price ranges from $US3,495 to $US15,000 per front-end server. A free 30 day trial is available