Presto 3.1 adds SharePoint compatibility

Presto 3.1 adds SharePoint compatibility

June 19, 2009:Inmagic has launched the latest version of the company’s Social Knowledge Management platform, Presto 3.1, with new SharePoint interoperability capabilities.

Other new benefits in Presto 3.1 include improved collaboration, information discovery, and content management functionalities driven by customer and market demand.

The new interoperability capabilities of Presto 3.1, which include SharePoint-compatible Web Parts and a new Web Services API, allow Presto 3.1 to easily integrate into an existing SharePoint environment or other ASP.NET infrastructure.

“Customers are looking for synergies between widespread infrastructural technology and solutions focused on solving specific business problems, without large internal development costs,” says Phil Green, CTO of Inmagic.

“With Inmagic Presto 3.1, companies can enhance their SharePoint environment with a cost-effective, off-the-shelf solution suited to their needs. They can create internal, secure knowledge communities around enterprise content, with sophisticated social, search, security, and library workflow capabilities not found in SharePoint. The use of Web Parts, Presto, and SharePoint together can deliver tremendous value to an organization’s bottom line.”

Presto 3.1 uses Web Parts technology that allows the search parts on the Presto homepage to be embedded and used in a SharePoint deployment. A new Web Services API lets SharePoint communicate with Presto to create, replace, update, and delete records seamlessly.

Presto also complements SharePoint’s social functionality with “content centric” social capabilities that are fully searchable and indexable, with built-in controls that can both enable and disable social features for specific user groups.

Inmagic Presto 3.1 will be generally available in Q3 of 2009.