A billion hits for Google Search Appliance 6.0

A billion hits for Google Search Appliance 6.0

June 5, 2009:Google has announced a new edition of the Google Search Appliance, GSA 6.0, promising the ability to search billions of documents with options to customize administrative, security and relevancy features.

Ranking Framework, Node Biasing and Collection Biasing allow search results to be fine tuned. The new Administrative API provides more control for automation of common tasks, and GSA 6.0 now supports both early and late binding, so search results can be screened according to company security policies

Along with improved precision in the core algorithms, GSA 6.0 includes social search features, such as Query Suggestions and User-added Results, that aggregate knowledge across the organization for more precise search results . Additionally, cross-language enterprise search also enables enterprise users across the globe to translate their search results in real-time -- into whichever language they choose.

"With the GSA 6.0, it's easy for companies to give all employees the powerful Google search experience inside their business -- even if they are searching among billions of documents in dispersed intranets, data stores, languages or geographies," said Dave Girouard, President of Google Enterprise.

"With the improved architecture and software for the search appliance, global businesses can provide secure search across the largest enterprise content repositories -- with one GSA system that can scale to billions of documents without limits."