Objective ECM on track for Greater Dandenong

Objective ECM on track for Greater Dandenong

May 20, 2009:Greater Dandenong City Council has selected Objective Corporation to provide an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution.

It will help to capture and centralising information, support knowledge management and increase business process efficiency.

“The general public is our primary concern, we strive for excellence in customer service, and continually challenge everything we do in order to improve our services,” said Mr MickJaensch, Director Corporate Services, Greater Dandenong City Council.

“Therefore when our staff expressed concerns in their ability to accurately manage and search for documents and records with our legacy system, we knew we needed to find an information management solution that would provide more value than merelyrecord-keeping compliance.”Objective will be used by 400 users’ enterprise wide as the single repository for all corporate information and as a knowledge management tool.

“Implementing Objective means we will have global access to knowledge that is currently inaccessible because it is within personalinboxes or physical files in offices. This is a real efficiency gain for the organisation. We will have transparency and immediate access to complete information across all levels of the organisation, allowing for more informative and accountable decision-making,” said Mr Jaensch.

In addition to providing a platform for document, correspondence and records management, Objective will integrate with core applications used by the Council including: Merit, the Customer Relationship Management system, Geographical Information System, Asset Management System and TechnologyOne Property and Rating.

“There is strong organisational support for implementing Objective and we plan to be very proactive introducing Objective to staff. Introducing an ECM solution into the business is a massive cultural change for us, so we are putting a lot of effort into involving staff throughout the entire process,” said MrJaensch.

“The software’s ease-of-use, strong search functionality and integration with Microsoft Office and Outlook were all seen as key elements to encouraging user uptake by our staff evaluation panel.”

“Objective was selected because of their professionalism during demonstrations and level of experience in Local Government. We believe they will grow with us and support the future direction of the business.”

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