gDoc Fusion makes light work of PDF assembly

gDoc Fusion makes light work of PDF assembly

May 20, 2009:GLOBAL GRAPHICS, a developer of edocument and printing software, has launched gDoc Fusion, an edocument builder application, designed for easy creation, reviewing, editing, sharing and archiving of PDF and XPS documents.

Powerful file format conversion allows pages to be dragged and dropped from a wide range of different file formats into a single document that can be saved as a PDF,XPS or Microsoft Word document.

The product was developed to provide the typical knowledge worker with a tool to handle assembly of a single document from multiple source formats, offering straight-forward file format conversion and a number of special views to suit different ways of working.

“We created gDoc Fusion after extensive research into how people use office software. The over-riding message was that people want software that’s as easy to use as an iPhone, Facebook and other consumer gadgets,” said Gary Fry, CEO, Global Graphics. “It’s so simple that users don’t need any training, which saves companies significant rollout costs.”

The gDoc Fusion application includes a free PDF/XPS and Microsoft Word reader and costs $AU199 for a single user licence.

“Current software has focussed on features rather than usability and office workers have struggled to assemble information in a range of different formats. Byfocussing on the everyday user problems and with a significantly lower price point, gDoc Fusion is supporting the wider rollout of PDF to the everyday worker,” added Fry.

gDoc Fusion lets users drag and drop pages from PDF, XPS, Word, Excel or PowerPoint files, edit them, and then save the results as a PDF, XPS or Word document without the user needing to have Microsoft Office or other software installed.

The Document View mode provides tools to extract, move, copy or delete pages between multiple open documents using drag and drop actions. Users can combine pages from multiple PowerPoint files, easily retaining different templates and formatting.

Flick View – saves time and printing costs by allowing users to quickly visually search through the pages to find information like with a physical document.

A free trial is available from

gDoc Creator which includes the printer drivers, MS Office macros and the converter that translates PostScript to PDF or XPS, is $A99. The full version of gDoc Fusion includes all of gDoc Creator and the viewing editor for working with PDF/XPS documents and is $A199.

gDoc Fusion is currently available for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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