NSW stalls on ECM Services tender

NSW stalls on ECM Services tender

By Bill Dawes

April 30, 2009:What is the holdup with the Services Request for Tender (RFT) that was announced back in July 2008 by the NSW Government Department of Commerce?

Are the regular power blackouts that have been crippling the Sydney CBD in recent weeks behind the failure to deliver a promised regime for NSW Government Departments and Agencies to select from an approved panel of service providers of "Information Asset Management Systems (IAMS) software applications."

In July 2008, the Department announced a list of 10 suppliers that were shortlisted to provide what it termed as "Information Asset Management Systems (IAMS) software."

These included ECM heavyweights such as Objective, Open Text, HP (Tower), and Oracle.

At the time the Department proclaimed the 10 winners (which controversially omitted IBM and local stalwarts TechnologyOne and KnowledgeOne) it also announced that "a separate RFT will be issued for the IAMS services providers."

Nine months later and there has been not so much as whisper. Our enquiries to the Department were met by silence.

Vendors who supply both software and services profess not to be concerned, although some that depend on external systems integrators are growing curious about the delay from the NSW Government.

One told IDM, "This is causing some angst among [NSW Government] agencies who are not clear on how they purchase under 2602 when there is no attached services agreement yet in place for those software vendors."

Rainer Krause, Managing Director, of ELO Digital Office AU/NZ, one of the 10 ECM companies that won through to the NSW shortlist, has heard nothing about the services RFT for more than six months.

Although this has not been a hindrance to selling successfully into the NSW Government, with ELO recently announcing wins at Taronga Zoo and Newcastle airport. These contracts have been implemented by ELO either directly or through certified business partners.

"We believe that the IAMS SI RFT would not provide NSW Government any benefits beyond the additional commission NSW Commerce receives from IAMS vendors," said Krause.

The NSW Govt already levies a 2.5% commission on any successful tender delivered by a member of the IAMS 10.

Krause believes limiting the integrators that ELO customers can choose from will be a hindrance rather than a help.

"Limiting the number of systems integrators and/or linking SI to specific products for a period of time will provide less choice and most likely higher cost to tax payers," he said.

"Limiting the number of SI for a period x to those who respond today prohibits vendors to collaborate with different SI in the future although there may be the better customer solution.

"We have welcomed the IAMS SI RFT under the assumption that the responding SI is NOT related exclusively to one vendor (software) i.e. a proven SI, skilled in the provision of DMS must be able to chose the best value for money product for NSW Government and agencies"

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