IDOL engine drives Interwoven Teamsite

IDOL engine drives Interwoven Teamsite

April 9, 2009:Autonomy has completed the integration of its core infrastructure software, the Intelligent Data Operating Layer, into TeamSite, Interwoven Autonomy's web content management product.

Anthony Bettencourt, CEO of Autonomy Interwoven, said: "The web solutions market is strategically important to Autonomy and we plan to make some of our most significant investments in this area to accelerate the delivery of innovative and disruptive solutions.

"By injecting IDOL into Autonomy Interwoven's market-leading web solutions, we will create innovations that enable marketers to derive meaning from all forms of digital information, both structured and unstructured, text audio and video, on a single platform.

"This unique platform can automate many currently manual aspects of operating web content management and marketing optimisation, as well as allow full conceptual customer profiling combining all modes of customer interaction, from e-mail, phone, messaging and web sites."

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