Hannon Hill Upgrades Content Management Server

Hannon Hill Upgrades Content Management Server

April 6, 2009: Hannon Hill, which specialises in web content management solution for the higher education, government, and technology sectors, has officially released version 6.0 of its Cascade Server enterprise web content management system, with a focus on improving user experience.

The previous version of Cascade Server focused on back-end performance enhancements and flexibility to manage more users, however, version 6.0 offers two new additions: Sites and fully-customisable Roles. The company says that this will enable administrators to managing the increasing number of large Cascade Server implementations with growing numbers of users and decentralised, independent business units.

Hannon Hill says that Sites also empowers content managers with more control over their respective site content and enables administrators to focus on administering the system.

The company adds that Roles can now be created and fully customised to grant users and groups specific abilities on a per-site basis to meet the different needs of different organisations, and that Sites are new asset-types that are used to formally segment and organise assets in the Home and Administration areas.

"Our Success Community has proven to be one of the best additions we've made to our user resources this year," said David Cummings, founder and CEO of Hannon Hill. "We've found that giving our users a venue for sharing ideas, best practices, and useful content such as code snippets has added to the transparency of our product information and given our community one central location for finding all Cascade Server-related resources."

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