Claromentis constructs new view on Linux

Claromentis constructs new view on Linux

March 18, 2009:A Linux information management solution dedicated to construction companies, architect, engineers, and oil companies has been launched byClaromentis.

The solution offers :

* Comprehensive permissioned access to information, including extranets for partners;

* Powerful Java based searching for large files common in these industries;

* The new Claromentis Project Manager product;

* A new document submission wizard to manage and control file names according to the complex patterns and conventions required in these environments.

Claromentis Director Nigel Davies said, "With the release of Claromentis 5.6 we made available two brand new information management products, the submission wizard and the powerful project management portal. It is exciting that we can now offer a specific suite of products appropriate for these industries, deployed as software as a service or on client infrastructure, as the needs of these projects dictate".

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