Equilibrium adds media smarts to SharePoint

Freeware adds media smarts to SharePoint

March 16, 2009:SharePoint users can now add high-volume media processing and distribution capabilities via enterprise-class freeware from Equilibrium.

"MediaRich Visualizer is our gift to the SharePoint community because we want users to instantly enjoy an enhanced collaborative experience,” said Sean Barger CEO of Equilibrium.

“We invite all SharePoint users to try out this free, useful subset of our MediaRich for SharePoint product – which is a time-tested, self-serve Digital Asset Management solution for SharePoint.”

MediaRich Visualizer for SharePoint features include:

* Automatically creates thumbnails for all Microsoft Office, PDF,images and videos in SharePoint;

* More than 300 common file formats are supported;

* Access high-quality Zoom and Pan function to examine the thumbnail;

* Helps integrate the use of Macintosh computers in a SharePointenvironment;

* Provides batch uploading of assets, including the ability toupload complete folders while preserving their directory structurefrom both Windows and Macintosh;

* Permits advanced searching on all media asset metadata throughoutthe enterprise; and

* Fully integrated with SharePoint and SQL Server and is not aplug-in or a standalone application.


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