Plug and play document management

Plug and play document management

March 13, 2009: Meet the document management appliance, a new solution from FileBound that promises the ability to implement ECM solutions in a matter of minutes, instead of months.

FileBound Express is a content management solution designed for organisations that do not want to place their documents on a shared resource site and might also want to reduce the opportunities for errors in management. The company claims many companies are choosing to go with appliance-based solutions because of their simplicity.

The FileBound Express Appliance can simply be taken out of the box, hooked up to the network and turned on. The appliance automatically configures itself, with final “tweaks” made by the departmental manager, via a browser. Customers with little, if any, networking knowledge can deploy these products in nearly any network architecture.

A server appliance is a specialised network-based hardware device designed to perform a single or specialised set of server functions. The hardware and software package includes a minimal operating system and requires no per-seat OS license. The device is a “closed box” system that allows for quick installation, ease-of-use, low maintenance and is managed through a web browser.

FileBound Express promises ease-of-use with intuitive document management software integration into Microsoft applications for easy storage, and the ability to integrate with a document imaging system.

It replaces the disorder of shared-file servers where files are duplicated, lost, and deleted without document control or document tracking, with a flexible document management system.

Australia and New Zealand distributor FileBound Australia offers FileBound Express on a rental program with monthly installments from $A500 per month.

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