MaxxCat aspires to be Google Search Appliance killer

MaxxCat aspires to be Google Search Appliance killer

March 13, 2009: MaxxCat enterprise search solutions has its sights set on Google with a new product line that claims to be up to 16 times faster than Google's search appliances.

The MaxxCat search box can crawl and index data from company databases, file systems, servers, and portals. It can be integrated into corporate intranets or Web sites in minutes, according to the company.

MaxxCat product developers cite "poor performance and intrinsic limitations of Google Mini and Google Search Appliance" as the impetus to develop the device. The enterprise search appliance, EX-5000, is claimed to be over seven times faster than Google Search Appliance (GSA) and the small business search appliance, the XB-250, is 16 times faster than Google Mini.

MaxxCat has published a search appliance comparison on its Web site..

The MaxxCat enterprise-level search appliance, the EX-5000, can process 2,800 or more queries per minute, can index search results at the rate of 1.28 GB per minute, and boasts unlimited document search capacity. Both appliances can be configured to produce customised query results and can search over 200 file formats.

MaxxCat anticipates a wider launch of its search appliances in the second quarter of 2009.

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