Pixelsilk in the running with new CMS

Pixelsilk in the running with new CMS

February 26, 2009: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is at the forefornt of a new Content Management System (CMS) launched by PixelSilk.

The Web-based CMS aims to provide SEO, marketing and Web development teams with the features they need to maximise their online initiatives and gain a competitive edge in their organic search engine rankings.

It offers tools that allow full control of the HTML code, the ability to interact with business and social media applications, open framework structure, real-time SEO feedback and true theme and navigation flexibility.

Pixelsilk is a web-based application. Users simply administer and access their Web sites from any internet connection and popular browser. The Pixelsilk CMS is a proprietary system designed for mid-sized businesses.

Mark Knowles, President and CEO of Pixelsilk, said, "The need for these CMS barriers to be lifted is long overdue and bringing world class SEO advice to the forefront of site maintenance is the first of many exciting new capabilities for our clients."

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