Ingres launches CMS Appliance

Ingres launches CMS 'Appliance'

February 26, 2009: Ingres has unveiled what it calls the Icebreaker Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Appliance, a new offering powered by Alfresco’s open source software for enterprise content management.

“Content is growing at unprecedented rates, and document retention is becoming the norm. Today’s content management solutions are often cost prohibitive and difficult to implement – until now,” said Deb Woods, vice president of product management at Ingres.

“We built the Ingres Icebreaker ECM Appliance which is powered by Alfresco to give businesses a real, reliable, and cost-savvy way to manage the ever-increasing abundance of content in today’s business world. It is affordable because it is a solution based on the open source business model.”

"By combining open source technologies from Ingres, Alfresco, and rPath we can provide a competitive alternative to a more expensive SharePoint stack and eliminate the need for only Microsoft components,” said Roger Burkhardt, president and CEO at Ingres.

Ingres provides the open source database while Alfresco provides the content management expertise.

The appliance allows users to capture, store, and preserve data, assist in the management of data, and deliver data to customers and partners. It includes a ready to run document management platform, simplified setup and configuration, validated maintenance stream that is built for ongoing enterprise requirements, and single vendor 24X7 support.

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