Doculex Unveils Online Content Management

Doculex Unveils Online Content Management

February 6, 2009: DocuLex has announced the release of Archive Studio, a new software as a service (SaaS) solution for online content management which it says provides remote document access, permissions, printing and distribution in a secure document warehouse.

Created for organisations with limited IT resources, DocuLex says that Archive Studio also offers online collaboration features to help users share knowledge and collaborate while sharing documents among multiple offices, other companies or the public.

The company says that the solution is facilitated by WebSearch, a component of Archive Studio designed to enable sharing of document collections over the Internet. Users are presented with a custom portal design specifically to their content management needs, including scanned paper converted to PDF and electronically created files in their native formats (including email with attachments).

For collaboration and compliance, DocuLex says that the solution enables collaboration with content control and compliance capabilities, with all email saved on an organisation's server, and all body and attachment content organised and archived to assist in compliance with regulations including HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley.

It claims that this mitigates information loss and subsequent security risks in real-time, with complete information retention throughout each email's life cycle, regardless of any deletions at the PC-level.

DocuLex says that the solution helps small businesses, service companies, large corporations and government agencies consolidate document management software to one product, and enable Internet access to documents anytime and anywhere, without the costs and responsibility associates with owning and supporting a document management system.

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