Site Administrator for SharePoint

Site Administrator for SharePoint

January 29, 2009: Quest Software has released the advanced version of Quest Site Administrator for SharePoint, a management and reporting solution that empowers businesses to understand, secure and efficiently manage their SharePoint environments. The latest version now includes permissions management and critical auditing capabilities that address concerns with SharePoint availability, security and compliance.

Quest Site Administrator for SharePoint simplifies SharePoint security and compliance with its new point-and-click permissions management. Administrators can now centrally manage and modify security on SharePoint 2007 servers, quickly establishing group memberships and permissions.

Administrative burdens are also reduced by allowing administrators to clone and recover permissions. In addition, the new comprehensive auditing feature lets users better manage their environments by collecting event log data, adding important events, and running specialized reports. This information is then stored in a user-friendly format containing all operational events and audit-critical activity related to the SharePoint environment.

“Quest Site Administrator for SharePoint gives administrators complete visibility into their entire SharePoint environment and provides extensive operational reporting,” said Matthew Johnston, Windows Management Product Director, Quest Software, “With the recent addition of permissions management and critical auditing capabilities, it’s now a complete tool for administrators that also features powerful discovery, robust reporting and automated policy management.”

Quest Site Administrator for SharePoint is available today with pricing beginning at US$2,995 per front-end server.

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