Kroll Releases SharePoint Recovery Tool

Kroll Releases SharePoint Recovery Tool

January 15, 2009: Data recovery firm Kroll Ontrack has announced a new Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 recovery tool that it says enables IT administrators to easily and efficiently search and restore items from a SharePoint database.

Part of its PowerControls 5.1 product suite, the new recovery tool lets administrators familiar with Ontrack PowerControls software for Exchange to apply the same recovery capabilities to Microsoft’s popular enterprise content management (ECM) application.

“While SharePoint Server 2007 has advantageous ECM capabilities, the human management element all too often poses data loss risks to users and companies that rely on this popular data collaboration tool,” says Jim Reinert, vice president of product development at Kroll Ontrack.

“By way of accidental deletion or improper editing, the 100 million users of SharePoint Server 2007 often have needs to restore information and documentation from their backups. Regulatory and legal demands further reiterate the importance of archiving or restoring SharePoint data.”

Reinert claims that with Ontrack PowerControls for SharePoint, restoration has been transformed from being technically difficult and involved, to a simple, streamlined process.

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